We offer a 10 year warranty on materials and a 5 year warranty on workmanship.


Areas of COLORSTEEL G2z not regularly washed with rain water, such as wall claddings, unwashed areas and areas of high risk, must be routinely washed to remove surface deposits to ensure satisfactory life is obtained from the product.

Specific maintenance recommendations are given on page 2 of the “Atmospheric Environments Usage Guide”  Click here to download / view. Check spouting and downpipes regularly and remove any debris which may lead to ponding or flooding. Always wear soft soled shoes when walking on COLORSTEEL surfaces to avoid causing damage.


For residential homes, PCC New Zealand Steel warrants that, when used as a roofing product, COLORSTEEL G2z pre-painted steel will not flake, peel or excessively fade within 15 years and will not perforate through corrosion within 15 years in severe environments and 30 years in moderate and inland exposures.

For commercial buildings such as schools and warehouses, refer to PCC New Zealand Steel for details of commercial warranties. To download / view the warranty brochure in PDF format please  Click here. If you’ve got any questions – or would like to book a free quote – phone us on (800) 123 0045 or Email us.