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In the past 15 years, Streamline Continuous Fascia & Spouting has developed a premium range of quality roofing & spouting solutions for our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of continuous spouting for customers across the Manawatu region.

With over three decades of experience in the building industry, we are adept with the innovations that can better the homes and lives of our customers. We understand that a proper roofing & spouting system has to prevent leakage and water build-up that can damage the roof and ruin your home. We offer continuous spouting solutions that address these problems and can tailor a solution to suit your homes specific needs.

Our range of continuous spouting comes in a variety of colours, materials and profiles to suit all styles of homes whether traditional or contemporary. Each length of Continuous Spouting is made on site to the exact specifications of your home. You only pay for what you get … there’s no offcuts or wastage to pay for!

We now have 5 and 6 inch brackets that do not have the foot on them – this gives an attractive streamlined look and reduces the likelihood of corrosion!

All our products have been designed and produced with aesthetics and functionality in mind. This makes them the perfect addition to any homes roofing system. In addition, we can install them for you and give you a spouting system that works exactly as it should. If you are looking for a provider of quality spouting products & services in Manawatu, then Streamline Spouting are the team to call.

We also supply & install Non-Continuous Spouting – give us a call to discuss your options.



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