When it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. – Jerry Chin


Streamline Continuous Fascia & Spouting have earned a reputation as a dependable manufacturer and supplier of roofing solutions in Manawatu. In the past 15 years, we have demonstrated a strong focus on continuous fascia and spouting installation and supply with a substantial portion of these installations being on new homes.

Our expert team understands the need for professionals to perform demanding installation jobs. Fascia, in particular, requires proper installation, as it has to fit the roofing system perfectly and complement the entire property at the same time. This hidden piece of magic is the only barrier to prevent the water that flows off your roof from coming back inside the ceiling space of your home – such a critical piece of the building puzzle.

Streamline continuous fascia & spouting is proud to be the first and only supplier of Continuous Fascia in the Manawatu. Our fascia is made to measure on site with no joins, meaning there are no gaps on the surface, ensuring a thorough flow. It is also made of quality materials that match your spouting of choice. This allows you to streamline your home in the same material that you choose for your Spouting.

We offer fascia in a variety of colours you can choose from to complement your property. Click here to view our colour chart. You may also browse the images above to see some examples of our recent work.

We are the team you can count on for your spouting, fascia and roofing needs, and we will handle any job and requirement with care, ensuring results you will be happy with.


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