Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. – Bob Marley

An efficient spouting system is not complete without downpipes that fit them perfectly. They ensure that rainwater flows down as it should, preventing water from building up and damaging the roof’s surface. Here at Streamline Continuous Fascia & Spouting, we supply & install a wide range of downpipe supplies for your commercial and residential rainwater needs.

We offer a wide range of downpipe supplies in many different shapes and sizes to compliment the Fascia and Spouting choice you have made, ensuring a spouting system that functions efficiently and a roof that is free from damage-causing elements. Our downpipe supplies are manufactured to a high standard and are designed to withstand harsh natural elements, such as the unpredictable weather, debris and pests, among other things.

We supply and install PVC, Square and Round Colorsteel Downpipes, designed to work perfectly with your spouting and roofing system of choice. Built to last for years, they make a perfect enhancement to your rainwater collection facilities ensuring the water is directed to the correct stormwater system.

Our Colorsteel Downpipes come in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the best colour for your home and avoid the hassle of painting your new fixtures to match your colour scheme.

Here at Streamline Continuous Fascia & Spouting, we not only consider the functionality of our products; we also consider how well they go with the rest of your property. View our colour charts here. You may also click on the images above to see some examples of our recent work.

Leaf Guards

Prevent blockages and extend the life of your new spouting with our leaf guards. Our team will position the guards at the best height to suit you, so you don’t need to get out a ladder or stool to clear any debris.

Streamline Spouting are a professional team you can count on for all your downpipe and leaf guard installation & supply needs. We have the expertise to deliver quality workmanship that provides satisfying results. If you need to install a downpipe or a spouting system, have a chat with us today and let us help you.


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